African crystal bead Necklace Set. Wedding Anniversary church and other special occasions jewelry Set


More About Maya Crystal Beaded Necklace

This is unusually tasteful jewelry for a young African bride. Depending on what your color preferences are, you can adorn it with any outfit of either one or all of its tripartite colors. A brown gown, skirt, and blouse or other outfits made from any material will match classically with this jewelry. Matching shoes and bags of any of its three colors will also help to highlight all of its features.


Maya Crystal Beaded Necklace with its matching earrings is suitable for not just bridal outfit but also other occasions like weddings, anniversaries and church. Its side placed floral pendant of white, brown and golden colors on a background of crystal purple bead is certainly a great combination of colors to be rocked to any occasion.

Maya Crystal beaded Necklace

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