Kevita Antiques galleries Beaded necklace and Earring Set. Material gemstone bead, 18k Gold plated with unique crafted Stars. This unique necklace and Earring is what having in your jewelry box. Wedding Occasions and other Special Events. 24-inch necklace Sets weight 0.30kg.


More About Kevita Beaded Necklace

This African Coral Crystal Necklace Set is an inspiration of nature. A trinket of brown earth colors hewn out of very rare shapes. It is mostly not predisposed to any particular color of outfit. This Coral Crystal Necklace is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, church and other special occasions.


If you are thinking of a perfect gift for your friend who is a lover of nature, this is very unique jewelry you can trust. Its pristine array of rare crystal coral gems is the reason you’ll love it. We are confident that this one of a kind design will help you or make that memorable impression on any occasion.


Kevita Beaded Necklace

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